Creative Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle lettering and graphics have always been important in advertising throughout business history. Without the graphic identification on a delivery vehicle how would anyone have known if it was Coke or Pepsi being delivered to the corner grocer or 5 and 10 store. Corporate giants have always depended on their vehicles carrying their logo and product message down the block, across town or throughout the country and further. The advertising on the vehicles they used daily, had a direct impact on brand recognition and still does today.

Getting the product noticed by utilizing mobile billboards.

With even more competition now than ever before, it is important to utilize a strong platform to present your product to your potential customer base. Those vintage delivery trucks of the past, helped not only deliver a product, but a presence for their companies. Today that message can be stronger than ever before, more striking, more creative, with vivid color, along with durability that will keep your message in place for years to come. With that kind of potential opportunity available to you, displaying your companies product and message to every passing audience will give you a large net for new business. A vehicle with a full wrap is a traveling billboard, making it incredibly more effective than a stationary billboard. A billboard may be up for only a month or two, than quickly forgotten; not to mention being replaced by another company or even worse your competition.

A costly billboard is up for a short term leaving little time to create a lasting impression.

Sign Design has over 35 years in design experience, our company tagline is “Design is the Difference”, we strive to set you apart from the crowd with a unique and memorable design. That motto is absolutely essential when we design a vehicle wrap for your company. By meeting with you, we can collaborate to make sure your new vehicle wrap accomplishes what is designed to do, get your company noticed. In turn bring you new customers and business. Please take a look at our vehicle wrap gallery and give us a call at 610-791-9301 to make sure your company gets the attention it deserves.

Utilizing mobile billboards today is more important than ever before.