Additional Terms:
1. Colors to be selected from standard powder coat chart for metal products, Avery chart for vinyls, custom colors require extra time and additional costs.
2. Signs to be manufactured from some or all of the following: aluminum extrusion, aluminum sheet, acrylics,
polycabonates, MDO, PVC plastics, etc.
3. See quote for quantity and/or options
4. Sign Design to provide liabilities insurance upon request
5. All electric to the sign location, if necessary, to be provided by the client.
6. Sales tax and sign permit costs are not always reflected in costs please check quote.
Sign permits will be obtained at the written request of the client at an additional cost, and additional time
7. Engineering fees for permits,  additional drawings beyond the design only, ie: structural etc., if required, are not reflected in costs.
8. All components are UL rated, 2006 IBC codes are met where applicable.
9. Payment Terms: See quote
10. Sign installation costs are based upon normal mounting and/or digging conditions if unusual conditions
present themselves i.e., underlying obstacles, rocky soil, concrete barriers, drainage
pipes, utilities, etc., an increase in cost could result. Installed banners by Sign Design,
subcontactor or client are designed to withstand normal weather; gale force winds
may rip, tear or remove mounting points from even the strongest banner, banners are not
considered permanent structures; neither they or the install are warranted to withstand such forces.
11. The client agrees to pay all costs of collection in the event of default of payment by
the client, including a reasonable attorney’s fee. In the event of delinquent payments,
the client will be charged a rate of 1-1/2% interest for every month after the first 30 days.
Special Condition of clients purchase orders in no way negate the above Conditions
of Sale. In ordering the work described above, the client accepts all of the conditions
whether noted on his purchase order or not. Any deposit as may be required as per line nine
f the terms and conditions are not refundable.

12. A note about color: Whether a custom color or standard color, exact matches are not always
practical or even possible. Surface textures, the media the color is on & the color batch itself all
have an effect on the final color. Other areas of difference are the color seen by one person on
a computer monitor may be slightly different or even completely different from the color desired.
For the best results, standard colors are suggested. Where custom colors are needed, a color
sample should be requested. Color samples may add to the production time and cost of your project.
A note about supplied artwork: Signage is much larger than standard printed materail such as a letterhead.
When reproducing images on a large scale for a signage project a vector file of the artwork is perfered
(eps, ai, cdr). Where a vector file is not available or the image is photographic, the file supplied
should be a high resolution file, 25% of size at 300dpi is the best quality for a clean final output.