The Impact of a Well Designed Vehicle Wrap

With a well designed vehicle wrap you can completely change the look of your car, van, truck or anything on wheels. Of course it is not all about changing the look, it is about getting your company front and center of the passersby so your company becomes recognized with incredible impact. Brand recognition is more important now than ever before. The more your logo, product and company message are seen, the better chance of someone stopping by, visiting your website or picking up the phone to place that all important order for your companies specialty or services. Research has proven how important brand recognition is through the use of your vehicles with your companies information displayed. When compared to a billboard which may be comparable in cost the value is much higher with a full vehicle wrap. There are several factors that play into this, first, where a billboard is a cost for a short duration of time, a wrap will serve you for 5 to 7 years. Another area is location verses locations, a billboard is stationary, your vehicle wrap is mobile. One surprising additional plus is the showcase factor. Many customers use their well designed vehicle wrap as a show piece for special events. Without a doubt a wrap is truly one of the best marketing decisions you will ever make for your company. Quickbooks an Intuit owned company recently reviewed vehicle wraps in this article, “Are Vehicle Wraps a Good Investment for Your Small Business?” Give Sign Design a call so we can assist you in designing a true show piece for your company that will create brand recognition that is memorable.

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